You can play online table games with your own money as a real money game, but you can also play with play money or with bonus money. These bonus money comes from different bonus campaigns and are real money. If you activate a bonus you will almost always need to wager these money before you can withdraw any funds. So the bonus money gives you extra money to play with and attracts many players. The reason for this is that you get extra money to play with and with that you can gamble a bit more to hopefully win more.

Not everyone agree with that casino bonuses are great because something called wagering requirement. So online table game bonuses are not for all players. But overall people are hunting for bonuses because they want to gamble with more money.

How does table game bonuses work?

table games bonusesFirst off there are a couple of different table game bonuses that you can get while playing online casino. There’s one version that will give you bonus money for free. With this bonus there is no need for you to make a deposit and risk your own money. Then there’s deposit bonuses as well that you can get as an extra percentage on top of your deposit. Both amounts are given from the casino site and can be found in welcome offers, on-site promotions, email campaigns and in loyalty programs. All casino bonuses are not available to play table games with however. This as there are both casino bonuses and live casino bonuses where the one mentioned last is more adapted to play on table games with.

Since the bonuses comes together with a wagering requirement it’s important to read terms and conditions. This should be done before you activate the bonus so that you know what applies. It’s also important to remember that a casino bonus might not be available to play on table games with at some gambling sites. It might be blocked or the wagering counted towards the requirement might be set to 0%. This is different for all bonuses and sites so make sure to read through the bonus terms  before you play.

Bonus wagering requirement explained

If you are given table game bonuses from a gambling site then most likely it comes with a wagering requirement. Usually any bonuses given for free, meaning bonuses that you don’t deposit to get comes with a higher wagering requirement than if you would get a bonus amount upon a deposit. Many people do misunderstand what wagering means and that’s why we are here to explain this for you. To make it easier we’ll show you an example here below.

For example: You register at a casino site who offers you a deposit bonus of 100% up to £100. You decide that you want to deposit £50 with this bonus, which means that you would get £50 from the bonus. This would then give you a total of £100 to play with. Let’s say that the wagering requirement for the bonus is set to 25 x the bonus amount from the casino. In order to calculate the wagering we’d then take £50 that you got in bonus amount X the wagering of 25 times which = £1,250.

Most people are with us this far but then it has to be wagered and it’s here where people think they have to win this amount. That’s not how it works as you need to bet this amount. Let’s say you bet £10 on live roulette, this would mean that you have £1,240 left to wager.

Now something that’s important to remember is that live casino table games and other table games can count different than slots. Most of the times it’s either 10% or 25% that’s counted towards the wagering requirement. It can also be 0% depending on where you play so always read terms and conditions first.

Tips how to play with table game bonuses

You are probably on this page because you want to learn more about table game bonuses. That’s why we have created this site and we will give you some tips of how you best utilize the bonuses. It might not always be so clear on how you should play with a bonus. Especially not if it’s your first time playing out there. So have a look here below to get some tips on how to play with bonuses.

  • Increase your stake by betting higher. Since you will have a bigger amount of money to play with this is the best thing to do. If you manage to hit a nice win, you’ll win more than if you’d bet less.
  • Register on several casino sites to use multiple offers. This will steadily increase your chance of winning than if you only play with your own money.
  • Make sure to play on a gambling site that offers you a loyalty program. The more you wager, the more points you will then get so that you can buy bonuses from the loyalty store. More bonuses = more value.

Some people might not agree with this which is understandable. In the end it really comes to what you as a player prefer. If you are playing with bonuses however it’s very important that you read the terms and conditions so that you know what applies. The last thing you want is an unpleasant surprise from the terms that you didn’t know about.