During 2019, the UK market will see more and more action on the casino table games. The first reason for this will be that more players are playing table games such as roulette and blackjack instead of slots. Secondly there are lots of new cool games that are launched within live casino. This all lead to an increase in activity from players in UK on these different table games.

We can therefore expect great pressure on these table games onward. However, we should not forget about all the new slot machines out there. They are also very attractive for players. So, overall it seem like a positive development out there but because UK is a regulated market, you never know what will happen.

Games after the regulation

After the regulation, a lot of slot machines were banned in UK. The reason for this; they were classified as child friendly, which means they were having cartoon figures or stuff like that. This lead to a drop in potential slot machines in UK. But that also made table games more attractive, because they are plain and simple without any child friendly stuff going on. One more reason for the growth of table games the altest years and for sure also one reason for the continuous growth in 2019. Last but not least, you might be able to use live casino bonuses on some of the gambling sites, which is a big plus.

Table games uk 2019Table games to play 2019

So, which table games should you play during 2019? Well to answer that we just have to give some examples, then it´s up to you as a player what you prefer. As always, the live casino table games is a must. Give up on the old computerized roulette and blackjack games and play with real live dealers. This way you see all the action and it´s happening in real time. Then you will also be able to play new kind of games such as Lightning Roulette and Dream Catcher.

Lightning Roulette: Same as regular roulette but you can win up to 500x the win. Normal wins pay less (30x instead of 35x) but with an big upside if you are lucky.

Dream Catcher: Win 2-40x your bet and the game also comes with a 2-7x multiplier potential. So this spinning wheel can give you lot X your winnings if you land on the right place.

Enjoy the games out there!