Live casino table games is something that’s very popular, especially in the UK. Live casino means that you can see everything that happens live in a webcam via your computer, mobile or tablet. This gives you a more real life casino feeling and experience when playing casino table games. There are some really big game providers that are constantly growing due to increased demand for live casino products.

More and more websites are signing contracts with these providers so they can deliver live casino table games to their players. This is almost a must if you want to survive the online casino competition. So if you are interested in this, you have many casinos on the internet that can meet your needs.

Different live casino table games

Since the live casino product has been growing, the game developers has been giving us more and more live casino table games to choose from. In the beginning there was only roulette and blackjack offered as these are the most popular games. But since the game experience you get is so good, they have developed several other games. Most of the games that’s offered differs a bit from the land based versions. This as it’s not really possible to offer the same online and get the same results. But here below you can see which live casino table games that’s offered.

online live casino games

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Texas Hold’em
  • Baccarat
  • Three Card Poker
  • Caribbean Stud Poker

So there’s a wide range of games to choose from. This selection of games grows constantly as well and not only table games. There’s also other games invented and offered so these are all positive signs for the live casino in the future.

How does live casino work?

So how does the live casino table games actually work? First off we need to start off with the technology. Before we had this available there was no one offering this but the ideas was still there. So as soon as this was made available we got game providers like Evolution Gaming starting up to only offer live casino games. The game providers are really the first step in the whole thing once the technology was available. They are then the ones who offer the actual games. This is made available with a live casino studio where the tables and dealers are located. The tables are setup here with some camera equipment so that the picture can be transmitted to your screen.

Once this has all been setup, the game providers needs somewhere to offer their games. This is where the gambling sites comes in. They are the ones who offers players to register an account to gamble from. The games from the game providers are integrated to this site so that you can deposit money and then play them. You will be streaming the video transmitted from the live casino studio so that you can see everything happening live. In short, this is how it actually is made possible to play live casino table games online.

Play the live casino table games in mobile

Just a few years ago it wasn’t really popular to actually gamble online in your mobile or tablet. This was because there wasn’t too many games that was actually made available through mobile. There was a really small focus on this, but as the numbers of mobile users grew, so did the focus towards it. In the middle of the growth, there was also a new form of technology made available. Before all the games needed a desktop version and a separate one for mobile/tablet. This was the Flashplayer version, but nowadays they use HTML5 format which is much better. With this new format, there’s only one version needed as the game will automatically adapt to the screen that it’s opened via. So when you open it via mobile, the game will be adapted to that screen with collapsed menus etc.

Because of this new technology, all new games that’s developed are available in mobile. So therefore you can play almost all live casino table games in your mobile or tablet now days.

How to find the best online live casino

In order to find the best online live casino there are a few things to think about or to look for. This as very many sites don’t actually offer a live casino, but only the regular casino where you just find different slots and maybe some table games. First off you usually check the bonuses that’s given from the gambling sites to new customers. For example there are some sites who offers a straight up live casino bonus instead of the regular casino bonus. There’s a big different between those so make sure to find a site with the best offers. You also need to check the games in order to see if they offer the live casino games that you’re looking to play.

For example NetEnt only offers roulette and blackjack, so if you find a site who only offers this provider and you want to play baccarat, you’d then need to find another site.

Something else that’s good to keep in mind is whether it’s a UK site or not. The best thing to do is to play at a UK site for the best security and fair games. So in short, think about the offers, the games and which game providers they offer and that the site is fully optimized for UK players.