Casino table games are very popular both in online casinos and in live casinos out there. On this page we look in to this subject to see which board games or table games you can play out there. Or at least the most popular ones. Because its so popular with online casino nowadays, we’ll explain a bit how the table games works on the online gambling sites out there. When you hear table games such as roulette and blackjack its easy to think about Las Vegas. The city that is built on and for gambling. Now, online casino is not really like Las Vegas, but you can still get a nice feeling with something called live casino.

casino table games

Casino table game – Roulette

Roulette is a casino table game that was invented around 300 years ago. It’s a very popular form of table game, both online and as live in land based casinos. It’s based on a wheel that has different numbers on it that’s spun with a ball that will then land on a winning number. The most common form of roulette is played with numbers between 0 – 36 where only one 0 is available. There’s also the American version of the game where a double 0 is available as well. On a roulette table you can bet on colors, so either red or black (or green for the 0), on the different numbers, odd/even, 2 to 1 and a few other options depending on where you play and which version of the game it is.

In the online gambling world it became available quite quickly as a table version. That’s an automated table where there’s only 1 player per table betting. This is what was available up until the game developers brought us the live table roulette. This gave us a whole new experience where there then are real tables, balls and dealers used in a live casino studio. All of this is then transmitted through a webcam to the users screens so that they can bet online. This is called live casino table games. It is now the most common form of the game when you’re playing online.

Casino table game – Blackjack

Blackjack is a very old casino table game that was invented as early as over 400 years ago. It has since then gone through a name change after it got introduced to USA as it was earlier called “twenty-one” as that’s the goal of the game. The reason behind the name change was because the Americans offered a bonus payout when you got ace of spades together with a black jack. This bonus payout was called a “blackjack”, hence how the game got its name. The goal of the game is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over, then you bust. You are dealt 2 cards and so is the dealer/house that you’re playing against.

Blackjack has followed a similar path to roulette where it first was introduced as a table game in online casinos. Later on when the technology was available it was introduced as a live table game instead. Here you get the real feel with real tables, cards, dealers and it’s all transmitted through a webcam for the users to stream while they play. You can also interact with both the dealer and other players should you wish to while playing.

Craps – the dice game

Craps is a casino table game that was developed in the United States in the early 1800’s and is based on the European game, ‘Hazard’. The game is a dice game where the player himself throws the dices after his placed bet. It’s most common to play against a dealer/bank which is done in a casino. There’s also a street version of the game where you play against the other players. It is mainly played in land based casinos and mainly in the United States and not as much in European casinos. Even online it hasn’t gotten any foothold and probably a reason of this is that it was invented in America where online gambling is illegal still and in Europe it hasn’t really grown enough to be offered. Our guess however is that it will be introduced soon enough as the online gambling market is constantly growing.

Popular places for casino table games

Are you interested in playing casino table games but you’re not really sure where to turn? No problem, we have the answers. There are of course more places than what we will be listing below, but these are the biggest gambling meccas out there. Have a look below:

  • Macao (China)
  • Las Vegas (USA)
  • Atlantic City (USA)
  • Monte Carlo (Monaco)
  • London (England)
  • Singapore
  • Los Angeles (USA)
  • Paris (France)
  • Most of the online casinos out there

So these are the biggest gambling meccas out there where you have often multiple land based casinos to enjoy casino table games at. Then of course you have these available online at most casino sites. If you live in any bigger city however there should be a casino nearby. That way you just need to visit your local casino. If you don’t have one nearby you can turn to online gambling instead.